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Advanced Drone Inspections in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Rockett’s Drone Services is an experienced drone inspection company providing various commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential drone inspection services. Utilizing a drone for a visual inspection allows for unprecedented access to hard-to-reach areas, while also being more cost-effective in comparison to more traditional methods.

Why Choose Rockett’s Drone Services for Aerial Inspections?

Rockett’s Drone Services are insured, certified, and have completed hundreds of successful flight missions. Our team is equipped to provide high resolution, accurate and immediate visual data through our drone inspections. In addition to our extensive drone experience, we also have over 15 years of experience working within the construction and industrial industry.

Why Use a Drone for Aerial Inspections in Moose Jaw?

Drones are a no-brainer when looking to perform aerial inspections, no matter the industry. Utilizing a drone for an inspection allows for fast, accurate, safe, and efficient inspections. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are also extremely maneuverable and can manage in tight spots.

Aerial drone inspection photography for insurance claims in Moose Jaw
Aerial drone inspection photography for insurance claims in Moose Jaw

The Importance of Drone Technology For Inspections

Below are a few common uses of drones within the inspection industry:

  • Utilities / powerline inspections
  • Insurance inspections (roof damage, etc.)
  • Wind turbine inspections
  • Infrastructure inspections
  • Bridge inspections
  • Construction site inspections

As a result, our drone services provide a safe and accurate way to gather data while eliminating the human safety risk.

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