Film and TV Drone Photography


Aerial Drone Videography, Photography in the Television and Film Industry

Rockett’s Drone Services is an advanced aerial production company in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Are you looking for a drone partner to take your next feature project or film to the next level? You have come to the right place as we provide drone services for the film and television industry.

Why Choose Us For Your Next Television for Film Project?

Our expertise includes over 500 successful flight missions and over 100 hours of flight operation. Our level of expertise and safety measures instill confidence in our clients – we take safety very seriously. Rockett’s Drone Services operates under the Advanced RPAS classification, in addition to being fully insured and certified.

In addition to our expertise and safety methods, there is a cost-saving associated with drones versus other methods such as airplanes or helicopters. We’re able to do all of the high-flying without the added expenses of other traditional methods.

How We Utilize Drones in the Film Industry

Utilizing drones within the film industry allows for cinematic angles and additional perspectives that you could not have achieved in the past. We can push your creative boundaries and capture better shots that were never possible.

Our drone services in the film industry provide new aerial perspectives and enhance the visual experience of your project.

  • Television series
  • Music videos
  • Feature films
  • Documentaries
  • Live events
  • Tourism and advertising

Rockett’s Drone Services are transforming the the television, film, and multimedia industry in Moose Jaw, Regina, and across Saskatchewan.

Fly High with Rockett’s Drone Services

Our highly trained and experienced team are ready to proide you with all your aerial photography and videography needs. We are well equipped to handle all aspects of your project including project planning, photography, videography, and processing. Connect with us today to learn more about how you can soar above the competition.

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